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Iran Gypsum Co.

Iran Gypsum Co. Presented By Asia Nodz Development and Trading Company With the Commercial ID Number of 16217 active in the field of Mining With a 20-Year History of Chromite Processing Plant, Chromate Mine, Gypsum mineBentonite Mine and also active in the field of Mineral Exports. Therefore, We Thank you for Your Patience.


All letters of this company are acceptable through the following Email.
No invoice are approved by this company without coordination with the CEO of the company by calling 00989128576200 (Dr. Yousefi Hourieh), and any misuse of the head and the name of this company will be prosecuted.

Any Question?

Phone: +98 (076) 3351 1061

E-Mail: info@Andtco.Com

Address: 4th floor, kianMehr Building, Shahin Alley, jahanbar st, Bandar-Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran.

Iran Gypsum Co. LTD